PJM Releases Fuel Security Initiative

Washington, D.C.— Today, PJM Interconnection released its initiative on fuel security. ACCCE issued the following statement by Paul Bailey, President and CEO.

“We commend PJM, the largest grid operator in the U.S., for recognizing the importance of fuel security because it is the foundation for a reliable and resilient electricity grid.  We are also encouraged that PJM is following a work plan consistent with the urgency necessary to address lack of fuel security.  Over the next three years, more than 6,000 MW of fuel-secure coal-fueled generating capacity in PJM are expected to retire.  The continued loss of fuel-secure resources like coal increases resilience and reliability risks for the grid.  We urge other grid operators to follow PJM’s example.”


The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity is a partnership of industries involved in the production of electricity from coal.  Coal is an affordable, reliable, and fuel secure energy resource that provides almost one-third of our nation’s electricity.