America’s Power Statement on House Energy, Climate and Grid Security Subcommittee Hearing “Powering America’s Economy, Security, and Our Way of Life: Examining the State of Grid Reliability”

Washington, D.C. – America’s Power issued the following statement by President and CEO Michelle Bloodworth regarding today’s hearing to examine the state of the U.S. electricity system:

“We agree with subcommittee Chairman Duncan that the nation is facing an ‘electric reliability crisis.’  Today’s hearing provided more warnings that regions of the country are facing serious reliability challenges caused, in large part, by flawed federal and state policies.  These warnings extend as far back as 2014.  Simple math tells us that coal plants, which provide attributes that are essential for a reliable electricity supply, are closing faster than replacement generation with those same attributes can be added to the grid.  The causes of this problem are well known.  It is time for grid operators, FERC, NERC, and state utility commissioners to act with greater urgency to prevent this pending crisis from becoming a reality.”


  • Coal-fired generation provides attributes that are necessary for grid reliability. These attributes include a high accredited capacity value, voltage control, frequency support, ramping capability, dispatchability, and fuel assurance. 
  • So far, more than 40% of the nation’s coal fleet (125,000 MW) has retired. As a result, the coal fleet totals less than 200,000 MW today.
  • Utilities have announced plans to close an additional 92,000 MW of coal-fired generation by 2030. EPA regulations will cause even more closures. Unless steps are taken, most of these retirements will occur during the next 4-6 years with 44,700 MW announced for retirement over the next 4 years and 83,400 MW of announced retirements over the next 6 years.
  • The bulk of announced coal retirements are taking place in regions identified as being at risk of electricity shortages.  Collectively, the MISO, PJM, and SPP regions will lose at least half of their coal fleet within the next 6 years.
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