New Video Underscores Concerns About Affordable Electricity Prices

Affordable electricity is essential.  One of the best ways to keep electricity prices affordable is to rely on a diverse mix of resources that includes fossil fuels, nuclear power and renewable energy.  Many people call this energy diversity “all the above.”  For that reason, a number of regulators who oversee our electricity supplies want consumers to understand that they will see higher costs for electricity if policies are enacted to eliminate electricity sources by completely decarbonizing the electricity grid by 2035.  Among those concerned about these costs are Wisconsin Public Service Commissioner Ellen Nowak, who cautions, “We’re not just talking in the billions of dollars, we’re talking trillions of dollars.”

America’s Power had the opportunity to hear from Commissioner Nowak and Montana Public Service Commissioner Tony O’Donnell, as well as Karl Kurz, Executive Director of the Kentucky Industrial Utility Customers, who highlight some of the obstacles to decarbonizing the grid by 2035.   We thought you would be interested in hearing some of their views in our new video, “Decarbonizing the Grid by 2035? – The Cost.”

Watch the video here: