America’s Power Radio Tour Highlights Harmful Impact of Carbon Rule

In a series of radio interviews, America’s Power warned listeners that the EPA’s Carbon Rule could have dangerous consequences for American families and businesses.

Joining Scott Voorhies on KFAB-Omaha, President and CEO Michelle Bloodworth said EPA’s actions are “designed to shut down power plants that are critical to providing reliable and affordable electricity. And in the longer term… really could hurt our country’s ability to innovate and compete economically with adversaries like China.” The conversation also included a discussion of coal’s continued importance to keeping the lights on, particularly during extreme weather events.

America’s Power also joined The Mark Davis Show on 660-AM Dallas, where we discussed how the Carbon Rule was seeking to shut down coal-fired power plants at a time when demand for electricity is going up, saying “…just in the past year, electricity forecasts have doubled electricity demand. When you think about how much electricity AI uses, when you think about this administration’s desire to electrify the economy, and we are seeing a resurgence in manufacturing, all at a time when we barely have enough electricity to keep the lights on without interruption,”

Coal is especially important to Texas. We noted that 64 percent of Texas’ electricity is generated by fossil fuels like coal and natural gas, and that the owners of these coal plants have spent billions of dollars on advanced pollution controls. These costs, many of which are borne by customers, will be stranded if the EPA is successful in shutting down these plants while they still have an essential role to play in meeting America’s growing energy demands.

Later, on 1370-AM Austin, we spoke with host Jim Cardle and talked about how “Renewable energy…can’t be called on during periods of peak demand which can occur at night, or on cloudy days, or when the wind’s not blowing.” We also discussed the impact the Carbon Rule will have on already escalating energy costs, noting that “many rural American’s right now cannot afford to pay their electricity bills. This is only going to make it more challenging,”

And on NewsRadio WJPF in Southern Illinois, we discussed future reliability challenges and America’s economic competitiveness with host Tom Miller. We noted that “China is adding more coal plants than the entire size of the US coal fleet because they want cheap, affordable power so they will be globally competitive”, and that “unfortunately, we are moving away from being energy secure and globally competitive if we continue with the policies that we’re seeing from this administration and the EPA.”

America’s Power will continue to urge listeners nationwide to reach out to their Members of Congress and ask them to support a pending Congressional resolution that would stop the EPA from enacting its dangerous Carbon Rule.