Jay Balasbas

State Regulatory Affairs, Advisor

Jay Balasbas served as a commissioner of the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission from May 2017 to March 2022.  Jay is currently the President of JMB Strategies, an independent consulting firm that provides expert advice on utility regulatory process, utility and transportation policy, state tax and fiscal matters, general legislative advocacy and political perspective.     

Prior to Jay’s tenure as a commissioner, he served as senior budget assistant to the governor in the Office of Financial Management working in the General Government Section, Transportation Section and as lead analyst on revenue issues. Before that, Jay worked for the Washington House of Representatives in a variety of roles, including senior fiscal analyst, assistant director of policy and policy analyst on transportation and finance issues. He also worked for the Washington Department of Transportation.

Jay served as the chair of the Subcommittee on Pipeline Safety, co-vice chair of the Committee on Critical Infrastructure, and as a member of the Committee on Gas for the National Association of Regulatory Commissioners (NARUC). He also served as a member of the Gas Technology Institute Public Interest Advisory Committee, the Washington Action Program and as an ex-officio member of the Washington Highway Users Federation Board of Directors.