U.S. Energy Department Declares Electricity Emergency for California

Washington, D.C. – Because of electricity shortages in California, the Secretary of Energy issued an emergency declaration today under the authority of the Federal Power Act.  The emergency declaration is based on electricity shortages that began in August.  America’s Power issued the following statement by Michelle Bloodworth, president and CEO:

“The Department of Energy has taken the extraordinary action of declaring an electricity emergency for California.  The black outs Californians have been forced to contend with show what happens when electricity supplies are neither diverse nor resilient,” said Michelle Bloodworth, president and CEO of America’s Power.  “The current situation in California was caused, in large part, by misguided and politically correct policies that promoted wind and solar power in place of coal, natural gas, and nuclear power without thinking through the possible consequences of those policies.”

Bloodworth went on to add, “Unfortunately, some nine million Californians are living with the consequences now, and we hope they remain comfortable, healthy and safe.  We continue to urge federal policymakers, grid operators, public utility commissioners, and other authorities to fully appreciate the importance of maintaining an all-the-above electricity supply that includes sources such as coal-fueled power plants.”


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