President Trump Announces Steps to Protect Power Grid and National Security

Washington, D.C.— Today, President Trump directed Energy Secretary Rick Perry to take immediate steps to stop the closure of more coal-fueled power plants. In response, ACCCE issued the following statement from Paul Bailey, President and CEO.

“We are pleased the Administration is taking steps that will help ensure that our nation’s electricity grid is resilient and reliable,” said Bailey.  “Almost 40 percent of the nation’s coal fleet has shut down or is expected to close.  The loss of fuel-secure electricity sources, especially coal-fueled power plants, pose an increasing threat to the power grid, as well as to national security.   We look forward to working with the Administration and other policymakers on both near-term and longer-term measures to ensure that the grid is not threatened by the loss of even more fuel-secure resources.”



The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity is a partnership of industries involved in the production of electricity from coal.  Coal is an affordable, reliable, and fuel secure energy resource that provides almost one-third of our nation’s electricity.