America’s Power Statement on Homer City Generating Station Continuing Energy Operations

Washington, D.C. – Following Homer City Generating Station’s announcement that it intends to continue its coal operations while exploring additional redevelopment projects to provide ongoing benefits to its local communities, America’s Power issued the following statement by Michelle Bloodworth, President and CEO:

“For more than 50 years Homer City and coal have provided safe, reliable, affordable electricity to communities in 13 states they serve and well-paying jobs to 129 western Pennsylvania families. Today’s announcement reaffirms the vital role the coal fleet plays in providing electricity and much needed energy security. While other countries are turning to coal because of the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, America needs to take advantage of coal, not shut it down.”




  • More than 60 percent of the U.S. coal fleet that existed in 2010 has retired or announced plans to retire by 2030.
  • Announced coal retirements nationwide are more than 86,000 MW during 2022-2030.



America’s Power is a partnership of industries

involved in producing electricity from coal.


PDF of the press release can be found here.